Deep/One off cleaning 

We can accommodate you with a variety of One off cleaning services tailored to your specific requirements and high standards such as spring clean, deep clean or just cleaning of a particular area from your household.

Areas such as hallways and staircases take load of dirt and dust from heavy everyday use, so we pay special attention to these areas to make sure they are completely clean and shining by the time we are finished and produce excellent results by experienced deep cleaners.

We cover the entire property following your custom cleaning checklist including:

  • Skirting boards wiped down
  • Fingerprints spot cleaned from light switches
  • Carpets vacuumed / Floors mopped
  • All furniture / picture frames dusted
  • Fingerprints spot or light switches
  • Non carpeted floors mopped
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Window sills cleaned
  • Mirrors and Glass surfaces cleaned and polished
  • Bath cleaned and rinsed
  • Shower fittings, recess and glass scrubbed and cleaned
  • Toilets scrubbed/disinfected/descaled (incl base and behind)
  • Tiles and fittings scrubbed
  • Sink, Vanity and Mirrors cleaned

This is just a selection of our most requested tasks, so if you don’t see the job you want listed here, please fill in a contact from or give us a call.